Our wealth is always a personal achievement and the materialisation of our aspirations and life style.

Our purpose is to help clients be proud of their wealth.

It is an expression of reason and emotional intelligence.
A worthy advisor heightens investment suitability to help grow clients’ fortune.
The advisor increases the quality of life of clients and harmonises their convictions with their portfolio positions.

After all, our wealth choices say more about us than any speech.

Our values

We manage our clients’ money without undergoing the slightest pressure whatsoever from banking groups.
We do not hide our sources of information, costs or profits.
We respond quickly with information, the market highs and lows and useful decisions.
We adjust to changing market conditions with a keen focus on our clients’ interests and profile.
We build a fair and mutually beneficial relationship with clients.


Approved by the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).

SAAM, with its 1,000 members, is the leading independent asset managers association in Switzerland.

Independent asset managers, who operate under the Anti-Money Laundering Act, must either be approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) or by a member of a recognised Self-Regulating Body such as SAAM.

Financial intermediaries who join SAAM automatically become members of the professional association as well – and are therefore obliged to meet the professional standards of SAAM in Switzerland.

These standards amount to official requirements – and are approved by FINMA.

Member of Cercle AWAP.

Cercle AWAP is an independent and innovative community of service.


The Independent Asset Manager Model


Asset Management

Discretionary and Advisory portfolio management
Portfolio review
Opening of bank accounts
Multi-bank reporting


«You feel freer when you have a personal relationship and a feeling of accessibility.»


Wealth Planning

We assist in the analysis of personal situations with the help of our extensive network of tax lawyers and specialists.
Typical needs include succession planning, life insurance and relocation.


Other services

Assistance with real estate (re-) financing
Administrative services

Urban Advisors SA

José Thürler created Urban Advisors SA in 2017.

“We are independent managers, which means we are not product salespeople and that we manage your money in the most autonomous way possible.

We scrutinise markets to bring to light opportunities and investments that best suit your worldview. The meaning you give to your wealth. In harmony with your investor personality. In the way you envision the growth of your assets.

Our approach is to listen keenly and respond frankly to help you honestly because, where the exchanges are good, confidence may reign.”


José Thürler

Born in Geneva in 1976, José Thürler is the founder of Urban Advisors SA.

He previously worked at UBS where he helped families and entrepreneurs manage their wealth for twenty years.

He focused particularly on the UK and the resident non-domiciled.

Certified Expert in Finance and Investments in 2004.
Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst in 2011.
Member of the Swiss Financial Analyst Association.
Member of the CAIA organisation.



Ed Price

Ed is on the Advisory Board of Urban Advisors SA.

He has over 15 years’ experience in investment management and private client wealth structuring, most recently as a Director for UBS Switzerland AG in Geneva. Prior to that he worked with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

He is also actively involved in strategy, financing and consulting with various private companies across a number of industries.


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